a Pretty black petticoat above knee. All curly and light to wear.
Very comfortable to wear with black lining inside, nets on the outside and curly satin edge.
Quality: New
Full circle
Opening: Elasticated waist
Pattern: -
Color: Black
Material: Lining - net - Satin
Size: 8 - 12

One off new Halloween look petticoat with lining


Color: Black

Size: Fit 8 to 12

Length: Thigh high

Material: Net and Nylon


Quality: New

Color: Black and orange

Material: Net - Nylon - Laces - Rubanruban included Black lining and soft lace

Size: 8 up to 12 size

A very comfortable shirt, 
  soft and cool to wear.
  Style: Short sleeve shirt be-color
  1950’s look, Breast pocket
  Quality: Second hand
  Material: polyester, 
  Size: M - L
New fabric in stock

Skirt below knee
Quality: New
Full circle
Opening: button & invisible zip
Pattern: Small daisy
Color: Yellow-orange
Material: Cotton
Size: 12
Skirt for sale
Very easy to wear and look great on a dance floor!

Fit: 8 - 12
Length: Short
Large white elastic waistband
Colour: White & small black polka dot
Style: Full circle
Material: Light cotton

Price: £12

Stunning look
Quality: New
Full circle
Opening: Extra large Elasticated waist
Pattern: Lavender & Poppy
Color: Yellow
Material: Cotton
Size: fit 8 - 12
Price: £45

Pretty and easy to wear dress that fit every occasion.
Quality: Second hand
Material: Cotton
Opening: Zip
Style: Full circle
Pattern: Dark Blue & white Polka dot.
Size: 10 - 14

Red belt not included: £5
New and second hand clothes for sale