tea dance Party

Contact: 07944775556

Thursday 22nd February 2018 
from 2pm to 4.30pm, 
£3.50 Include tea & cake included
W.A.C, 14 Baylis Road, London SE1 7AA

Line dance

Learn a string of step to repeat for the all length of the music facing one direction or some time more than one direction (the teacher will be able to judge if appropriate or not.  Eg: Cowboy Charleston danced to  energetic Charleston music, kicking legs and hands.


Learn a routine or learn the secret of leading and following a partner to Latin and Ballroom music

Eg: Cha cha, Rumba, Foxtrot, waltz, Jive ...

Party dance

Fun & simple combination of step danced in group holding each other and going around the dance.  Eg: Conga danced to popular music holding waist or shoulder of the partner in front of you.


Popular & cheerful danced with a partner often mirroring the step of each other. 

Those dances are in generally little bit  need more challenging to learn but still remain enjoyable.  

Eg: Lambeth walk danced to a set music and shouting (the perfect pressure release)

Freestyle Dance

Dance by yourself, with a partner or in a group by moving in place or around to Disco, Pop and club music.  Eg: Disco, Reggae, Rock, (the teacher can give you an instruction how to feel and dance to the beat)

If you nether been to Jean Leclerc’ s  tea dance you you should give a try it is great and fun event if you never learn to dance!! Some more info below.