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Jean Le Clerc as been running rock ‘n’ roll dance classes and parties since 1995.

Here are some of the dances he as been teaching: Rock ‘n’ Roll, Acrobatic, Swing, Blues, Line dance, French Jive, Salsa, Cajun, Regency dance.

Jean teaches classic Jive/Rock ‘n’ Roll group & individual classes all around London.

Jean also teaches for a large variety of dance styles for Private clients, Parties, Community events, Schools and Corporate functions.

This past month Jean has DJ for some Tea Dances adding to is experience and music collection!

Every year Jean creates dances for young couples for there first dance on there wedding day. This varies from Rock ‘n’ Roll to slow waltz.

What’s On

Salsa class Wednesday  21st June see more

Tea dance Thursday 22nd June see more

R ‘n’ R Friday class + Party on 23rd June see more

Helper need it for Tea dance Friday 30rd June see more

Jive in the Square Saturday 1st July see more