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One Step Forward..

A Christmas twist

Cha Cha Espania

Electric slide

Honky tonk stomp

Mambo Santa Mambo

Mamma Maria

Alley cats

Alligator walk

Rivers of Babilon

Achy breaky heart


Beautiful Sunday

Beginners Waltz

Bikers shuffle

Black Coffee

Blackpool Bell

Blue night cha

Black velvet

Blue Rose is

Circle Salsa

Laura's line dance

Paris Rock Stroll

New York stroll

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Beginners / improver Level

4 walls

32 counts

Choreographed by Ira Weisburd & Motti Kotzer

Dance Instructor: Jean Leclerc

I have explained the steps in three different direction for you to master the step.

I have danced this line dance to the sound of Cuba libre by Willy Chirino

This dance is usually danced to Gozar la vida by Julio Eglesias


Code: movie 112

Comment of the week:

Love the video of Monday's stroll! Got the hang of the new one just about and loved the twisting cowgirl, and both Cha Cha Strolls. Thanks so much. Been a bit  of the week so great to do this evening. I can't wait for the next session.



Intermediate Level

4 walls

48 counts

Choreographed by Joe Thompson Szymanski

Dance Instructor: Jean Leclerc

This dance have a fare amount of turn.

I suggest you dance to a slow waltz music

like Halos and Horn  by Dolly Parton then try with the music of Children by the Maverics


Code: movie 113


Improvers Level

4 walls

40 counts

Choreographed by  Jim Ferrazzano & Kenneth Engel

Dance Instructor: Jean Leclerc

Music suggestion: Boot Scootin' Boogie

This dance can be tricky at first but quickly become a fun dance to enjoy at party


Code: movie 1.1.4


Code: movie 115


Improvers Level

4 walls

32 counts

Choreographed by: unknown

Arranged by: Jean Leclerc 07/07/20

Dance Instructor: Jean Leclerc

Music: Footloose by Kenny Loggins

or any fast Jive

This is a killer! Please don't do it first time in the morning. Not too much technic.

Have fun