Jean Leclerc is born  in St Maur des Fossee near “la boucle de la Marne” where you can go to a dance at one of the many Guinguettes.

Fan of Johnny Hallyday and Chuck Berry I alway wanted to become a "Loubard" since my early age, I started to dance rock ‘n‘ roll.

I took classes and went dancing at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Club de France, the Caveaux de la Huchette, the Slow Club, the ZED and the Memphis Club winning competitions and impressing the girl!

In the 90’s i came to England to learn English and fund it was the perfect place to strut my stuff on the rock ‘n’ roll sceen.

I started to teach rock ‘n’ roll and funded the Paris Rock Club which is steel going strong after 25 yrs